Varna airport, Bulgaria

I often travel to new countries. Not understanding the language is the main obstacle that may hinder your stay. If you want to spend a nice and pleasant vacation in the foreign country you must prepare in advance. I usually travel by plane and for me is very important to secure my arriving at the airport. In most European Union countries people speak English, but better not count on it. I always find information about the airport I land, the requirements for luggage and the ways to travel from the airport to where I need to arrive. I prefer to book a transfer company than use a taxi, train or bus. My last trip was to Varna city, Bulgaria. I will share my experience with you about the Varna airport and the different ways for transportation from there.

VARNA Airport, Bulgaria

Varna Airport serves northeastern Bulgaria and provides convenient connections to major airports like Sofia, Vienna, Istanbul, Moscow, Belgrade and Tel Aviv.

Varna Airport is situated on the northern coast, 8 km. from Varna. The city is a major tourist destination, the starting point close to all the resorts оn the northern Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Varna is an important business and university center, port and headquarters of the Bulgarian Navy.

The favorable geographical position, the combination of air, sea, rail and road allow intermodal connectionsallow the implementation of a large number of charter flights during the summer season and regular flights throughout the year. Varna Airport has a huge contribution to the development of the transport network, tourism, and trade in the region.

Varna Transfer

Transport from the Varna Airport to the city

  • By car:

You can easily reach the airport, using the Hemus highway (A2), which connects Varna and Sofia city. Exit to the airport is about 7 km from the exit of the city. If you travel to Albena, Golden Sands and Balchik follow the A2 motorway east through the city center and turn north on highway E87. Turning south on E87 you drove to Burgas and Sozopol.

  • By taxi:

Taxi from the airport to the city center costs about 8 lev. We strongly recommend that you check the price per kilometer of your chosen taxi. The journey to the city center takes about 15 minutes. Be careful because there are many expensive unlicensed taxi and drivers can charge you double or triple the regular price when they see you are foreigners. That’s way is better to ask the driver in the beginning how much will cost to drive you from the airport to the city.

  • By bus:

Regular bus line 409 connects the airport with the city center and nearby summer resort Golden Sands. The bus departs from the stop in front of the VIP hall every 15 minutes between 5:45 and 23:00 every day. Tickets are sold only on the bus, the price depends on the distance traveled. Have on mind that the buses are often very crowded and the traveling is not very comfortable especially if you have children with you.

Now you are prepared for your holiday in Varna, Bulgaria. All you have to do is buy your tickets and choose your best way for transfer.

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