End of Tenancy Cleaning Preparation: 4 things to get rid of right now

Image of soapThe end of tenancy cleaning is too soon and after you have arranged an appointment with the professional team you hired for this job, they asked from you only one thing: to empty the house. At first this seemed like an easy-peasy task, but with the time it started getting worse and worse as you had no time to sort out and to pack. However, there are some things that do not require a lot of time spent thinking, because you simply need to throw them away. Do not pack them! Do not take them with you! Here is the list.

DVDs you never watch

They were a necessity once, but nowadays in the era of the web space, they are so unworthy. Instead of packing them in numerous boxes, just get rid of them somehow.

Stationary that is out of date

This means that this pen you bought from Dubai, industrial-1636383_640but you could not now write with, has to go away. Dried out markers and post it notes that cannot stick to anything are in the list, as well. Go to your desk and declutter it.

Old clothes

The topic about the clothes you are buying and never wearing is endless. You just need to stop doing it. But as I know that you would not, you bette start getting rid of things you don’t need. That t-shirt you bought five years ago and the fancy dress you have never worn have something in common. They both need to go away.

Sentimental bits and pieces

Here I don’t mean something big and special, but those little things that have some weird meaning for you, but otherwise are completely useless. The cinema ticket from the first date with your husband is on the top of the list.

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