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First, one must fully understand what test anxiety is?

This type of anxiety is a type of performance anxiety. When a person feels they are in a situation where everything matters and they are put under so much pressure to perform well.  Everyone feels anxious when it comes to writing exams or

tests, as you don’t want to fail at the task at hand. Especially students feel this immense pressure when it comes to tests because the amount of pressure that’s being put on them by their parents to do well. The pressure of that much need approval, the need to make your parents proud becomes so much that you end up super stressed and the anxiety takes over.

Anxiety affects one’s mind when a person undergoes a stressful situation and the body releases adrenaline which is like the bodies alarm system it warms the body and starts to prepare the body that some danger is approaching. Our negative thoughts also fuel a person’s anxiety, like if they thinking that they might not perform well in their tests or exams. Thoughts like this are not good as it disturbs the mental space of an individual. The more an individual is negative the more it adds to them becoming more anxious. All individuals who aren’t well prepared for their tests become anxious.

The most common barrier to success encountered by students is the lack of effective techniques for study and exam preparation.

How to resolve test anxiety?


  1. Firstly, note to resolve test anxiety the individual must be an active learner not a passive one. Familiarise yourself with the work you need to study on and gather information needed to aid you to understand what you are learning for.
  2. Never wait until the night before an exam or test to study. One should always be regularly reviewing their notes.
  3. Always ask for help, it is vital that is the only way you can fully understand things you having difficulty with, never procrastinate. test-anxiety
  4. Preparation is to read through all notes a couple of times and when doing this it’s good to highlight major topics and subtopics, with a goal of generation and outline of the notes you studying.
  5. Try to underline specific terms that you want to remember better.
  6. Accept mistakes. One must learn to tolerate an error in their ways. When you begin to understand that everyone makes mistakes and nobody is perfect you will grow to be more understanding of how life is. You will learn to control yourself from being anxious.
  7. Always put yourself first and take care of yourself. Learn to control your thoughts and actions do some yoga or try some breathing exercises. Breathing exercises helps the body to relax and it’s a form of combating your anxiety.

There we go. Try those 7 steps before going into your next exam and I promise you, you will feel a lot more relaxed and confident.



Bang, bang the hunter shot the deer down…bang bang the deer hit the ground…

The adrenaline rushes, the thrill of the kill takes over. The excitement never seems to fade away. Hunting is the favorite hobby of many people all over the world, a sport that involves killing of wild animals and birds. So with the hype of the hunt and kill the hunter needs a powerful weapon to that specific job.

Rifles of today are engineered with such precision starting from the high-end long distance rifles, slug guns, budget Centre fires and muzzle-loaders to name a few. This would most definitely interest any true marksman. So for those trigger happy people here are 3 remarkable rifles.

So let me introduce you to the ultimate hunting machine.


 This magnificent rifle has 18 different caliber options. It is a waterproof rifle, which works well for those who like hunting in wet conditions. vortex-opticsIt has a superb trigger which consist of a two-positioned safety latch on the rifle. The Nosler has a 26-inch barrel and it also features a push feed design. The accuracy on this rifle is the reason why it is rated number one.


# 2 REMINGTON 783 

The Remington comes with bolt-action technology and this rifle has very good accuracy. It has a black synthetic stock that contains nylon fiber content. This gives thevortex rifle good strength and rigidity. It has a cross-fire trigger system with the magnum calibers holding three rounds. In the standard magnum calibers it holds four rounds. It features a steel latch and has a strong steel detachable magazine. This rifle has a rock solid reliability and can be found at Legion Tactical.



 This amazing American made rifle has a camouflage pattern which is specifically designed for hunting. It has an exposed frame that has a matt blue finish. The rifle features a push-feed, twin lug assembled bolt. The cartridges are fed from a light weight polymer. The Mosberg Patriot has a 22-inch barrel that is made of pure carbon steel. This rifle has good grip on it and has a tubular receiver, washer type recoil lug and a barrel lock nut. The Mossberg Patriot has a bolt body which consists of six functional spiral flutes that is designed to collect dirt and all foreign matter that come into contact with the rifle.

With rifles comes a lot of rifle-scopesresponsibility, so always remember to take extra precaution when it comes to storing of your rifle. These rifles if given the proper care can provide a lifetime of service to the owner.